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Ali Dareshoori
Ali Dareshoori
Founder, President & CEO
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Before I was Done Dreaming...

 I realized my struggles are my dues to success. One can not be strong if one hasn’t suffered adversity. There are those who hold such possessions as power and monetary success, yet they still search for happiness. If life is to have a purpose, it is to love, and love is happiness from within.

 From the streets of Tehran, to land of the free and home of the brave, my business journey started in 2012, right after I resigned from my operations manager position at SecureNet Protection Services; where I started as a seasonal security guard, yet driven to be charge within months.
 I knew I wanted to be in the financial industry but I had no idea where to start. So I started everywhere on the map, getting experience in every area that interested me. In no time I had the knowledge to be Don Dreamin and start helping others to do the same.
Brad Asadi
Brad Asadi
Director of Operations
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✉ Brad@Takrow.com

Before I was Done Dreaming...

I realized, Just like any function in the world, achieving your dreams has Three very important stages:

– Input (dreaming, planning)
– Process (be done dreaming, execute)
– Output (living the dream as a result )

I was lucky enough to to have strong, intelligent and logical mentors and resources to be able to plan my dreams.

Working honestly with my past employers and mentors helped me reach new heights in my career.


11601 Wilshire Blvd, Los angeles, CA 90025

"It is just A matter of doing it."

-brad Asadi, director of operations

over 5 years of experience

At Takrow, we are always looking for ways to gain our customers’ success. By sharing our knowledge regarding, Business Startup, credit repair, business finance and credit, and also training our staff by modern industry standards, we’ve been able to achieve just that.

It is our mission to make sure every current or upcoming entrepreneur regardless of their business or their personal credit history understand the importance of business credit to their overall success, Of course, It’s fair to ask, what will I gain by building my business credit profile and also repairing my personal credit.

  1. Higher limits on business credit lines vs. personal credit line

    2.Faster building process on business credit vs personal credit

    3.Increasing the possibility of receiving better interest rates and targeted promotions

    4.Building detailed reflection of the business’s historical credit and payment performance

    5.Validation of the business existence over time

    6.Industry exposure

    7.Gain credibility and familiarity with other businesses and vendors.

Building Business Credit will separate your personal and Business profiles therefore and you will not be personally liable in case the business falter.

We suggest you use and manage your business credit profile responsibly; if you already have one established.

Should you need help establishing a business credit profile, DonDreamin will help you capitalize on the advantages listed above.

To explore the variety of services we offer, or if you are ready to build your business credit profile contract us today.

what we do

The unfortunate reality is that the majority of businesses do not get necessary funding to start or expand their business. This turns into a vicious cycle, where the business has to make due with minimal resources yet turn enough profit to get the funding that would pull them out.

According to the Bureau of Labor, 1 out of 5 businesses fail as a direct result of insufficient funding. In an article published on Forbes, a research conducted by Pepperdine University revealed that 89% of businesses are rejected by the conventional banks. Given the strict guidelines and undisclosed underwriting, getting the approval is anyone’s guess.

This leaves the to-be-entrepreneurs and established business owners with the option to use “alternative lenders”. These lenders typically focus on one or two products, and often use innovative financial structures to make financing possible. However they are not risk-free, as the underwriting is still undisclosed and the terms can be difficult to understand, as they differ greatly from a conventional bank. It is always recommended to do extensive research into the programs offered by these institutions. 

Takrow™ – a program offered by ALAMKAN TECH INC – to startup and small business owners, centralizes the knowledge and services required to get approval from both alternative and conventional banks. This unique program differentiates itself from competitors by establishing of our client’s Company EIN, DUNS and Credit Profile, as well as financial and business advisory, saving our client thousands of dollars in lawyer and consulting fees. With a network of over 2,100 lenders, consisting of conventional and alternative institutions and deep knowledge of their underwriting, our clients know they will be approved, before they even apply. we also help our clients fix and repair their personal credit in case its needed. 


how we came to be

“Simply like a diamond, shaped under constant pressure, then cut, sliced and hurt; yet still shining, Takrow is the fruit of a process.

A process to reality that took its founders 5 years to overcome. Started by a dream,  followed by heartfelt commitment, sacrifices and all dues to success, we took our company off the ground in August 2015.

Since then, regardless of their financial health, we’ve been able to give the gift of bringing dreams to reality to all entrepreneurs on their journey to become a diamond and to avoid  chasing glitters.”

11601 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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