One of our electrical contractor clients just secured $137,000 in account receivable financing! They were looking to get more of their profits re-invested into their business, but instead were waiting up to 90 days just to get paid on work they had done! So we secured $137,000 in account receivable financing so now they get 80% of their funds next day after their receivable comes in, instead of waiting months to get paid. And they get the other 20% less their discount when the invoice is paid. This has helped them get paid faster, increase their profit margins, and now they’re growing their business at a rapid pace!
Client received $30,000.00 from business revenue funding. This provided working capital for the client and assisted in increased revenue. Using their consistent cash flow we then were able to help them acquire financing to keep their company booming.
Our client in Austin, Texas is pleased to be able to move forward on their company goals. This company is now able to start up two new offices with the recent financing they obtained. Congratulations on your success!
Congratulations to our client in Oceanside, CA! He was very pleased to receive $91,500.00 in unsecured business cards. This was a great push for his company, and he will be able to use it to increase revenue. We take pride in seeing our clients succeed!
Congratulations to our recently funded insurance company client for acquiring $349,000 on a 10 year amortized book-of-business loan! We’re excited to be part of their growth as they use their funds to pay off their commercial mortgage and implement expansions and remodeling of their office space. We are even more excited that part of their funds will be used to hire new employees to keep up with their growth from implementing their new marketing strategies.
We just recently funded one of our Security company clients $150,000 in cash-flow based financing! They’re using their newly required funding to payoff vendors and increase the number of contracts they bid on to increase company revenues. The entire deal from application to closing only took 72 hours… and they’re expected to get more funding within 6 months or less!
client in Bloomington, IL was pleased to qualify for $61,400.00 in unsecured business cards. This helped them achieve business goals and help their business succeed! We take pride in seeing our clients succeed and achieve their goals!
Tile USA gained $15,000.00 in unsecured business cards. With this he was able to help his business succeed and help increase revenue. Congratulations to this client and thank you for allowing us to help be a part of your success!
The financing was a great asset for our client in providing the means to purchase a prime location property. We take pride in being able to see our clients meet their goals and better their business!
One of our retail clients just received $48,000 in business credit lines to help grow their business! They’re using the funds for working capital to help them stock up for their busy season. Plus, these new accounts are reporting to the business credit reporting agencies, helping them build their business credit to get even more money in the near future.
It’s always nice getting MORE money than you were hoping for! Bijan approached us looking for $50,000 to build his business credit. So far he’s received $75,000 in unsecured credit, and with his finance blueprint we worked up for him he’ll be getting another $75,000 in less than 6 months.
We just funded $30,500 for one of our transport company clients who had been denied at 4 other sources, before they came to us. They had tried other sources, but due to there being too many NSF charges on their bank account, they were denied each time they applied. Even though they were hoping for $20,000 they planned on using for tax purposes and working capital, so far they have secured $30,500, and we’re working on getting them even more.

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